“Reiki with Yvonne is a fabulous experience.

Not only can she help with improving your physical well-being but her professional calm, wit and experience leaves you feeling relaxed yet rejuvenated and ready to continue your business in a well-balanced manner physically and mentally.

Each Reiki experience with Yvonne was a completely different experience for me yet always expertly delivered. I went to Yvonne with a series of mild muscular complaints and in a state of feeling over-whelmed with life in general.

Each session provided me with the opportunity to take time out, take stock and re-group myself in a far more open minded and relaxed style.

Furthermore, my ailments have all but disappeared.

In general I feel calmer, happier and stronger; ready to take each day in a far more realistic, pragmatic way, all thanks to Yvonne’s kind, professional and empathetic treatment.

- Kate O'Donnell

“Thank you Yvonne!!!

I am amazed that the fear of Spiders I have been burdened with since a child has now disappeared.

I am so glad that I was able to pluck up the courage to actually undergo the therapy.

When I arrived for the session I was terrified and near to tears, but Yvonne was kind and understanding, she made me feel at ease and gently guided me through the process, I felt in control the whole time.

I spent 2½ hours with Yvonne and by the end of the session I was able to look calmly at pictures of spiders in a book, and look closely at a large ‘house spider’ in a jar!

After the session I still had doubts that this would last. However, a few days later, I saw a spider run across the carpet in my hall I was able to suck it up the vacuum. There was no fear, just dislike, and once it had gone I never gave it another thought. What a great feeling!!

I wish I had done this 12 months ago when I first spoke to Yvonne about my phobia!!!!!!”

- Anita Alcock - Gala Accountancy Training

“I went to Yvonne following a traumatic experience I had had. I was deeply affected by the experience and was having anxiety attacks every time I left the house.

I cannot say just how thankful I am to Yvonne for giving me my life back. I am no longer scared to go out, in fact I am getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things all the time.

I would recommend Yvonne to anyone who has issues they need to deal with.”

- Victoria

Jacqui's testimonial for The Stress Medic“Yvonne’s ‘Pathways to Inner Calm’ day was a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing day, aided by Yvonne’s calm and peaceful attitude to life. Learning tools that can be used every day to promote a more relaxed life style and help to take control of life.

I was particularly interested in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping) and gained insight into how EFT can work in my daily life so that I can enjoy life to the full.”

- Jacqui

“Having had a breakthrough session with Yvonne a few weeks ago, I can only try and put into words how different life has become for me. I had come to a ‘crossroads’ in my life and needed to make a decsion on which way to go, but the stress and emotions I was feeling were stopping me being about to sit down and choose what I wanted.

I had been fretting and worrying for months, and was in a state. Working with Yvonne helped me recognise and accept these emotions, and in a calmer frame of mind I was able to make the decisions that I needed to. She has also helped me to approach life with a much more positive out look and to control those worries and anxieties when or if they appear.

Another issue I worked on with Yvonne was my running. I have been working toward getting my 1.5mile run time down for well over a year, but had never managed it. After a session in which we worked on visualisation, positivity and EFT, I went out the next day and was able to reduce my run time by over a minute with relative ease, which just shows the instant effect.

Yvonne was a friendly and warm person to whom I felt very comfortable and relaxed talking to. When I came to see her I had very little idea about EFT, but I believe I will be using it for life. I would wholehartedly recommend a session with Yvonne to anyone with stress issues or phobias, or athletes who want to improve! I cannot thank you enough Yvonne, I am a much happier person now and everyone else has noticed how much more relaxed I am.”

- Charlotte, Officer Cadet at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Langley School Staff Training Day Presentation

Langley School is a secondary school with around 1000 pupils and 140 staff. It seems that no two days are the same and whilst it is often hectic and exciting, it can sometimes be a challenging environment to work in. Building stress awareness amongst our staff and finding techniques to help alleviate stress in our daily lives has been on our agenda for some time.

Yvonne gave a presentation at a staff training day and shared experiences from her own background which showed great empathy with the challenges faced by our staff. Staff found her talk very interesting and enjoyable. Many have found the techniques demonstrated useful, both for themselves and for their friends and relatives, and some have expressed an interest in contacting Yvonne for private follow up sessions.

“Honest delivery peppered with real experience, awareness, strategy and sensitivity.” – Comment from teacher

- Rosemary Cotton, School Business Manager - Langley School, Solihull

A video testimonial from Liz at The Greyhound

- Liz - The Greyhound Inn

“I have spent many years trying both to understand the roots of my problems and to find an effective way of dealing with my feelings and reactions. I had tried various councillors and therapies over the years without success, and to say that I was sceptical of EFT is probably the understatement of the century, but I was prepared to go with the flow and see what happened.

During the session itself I was surprised by how easily we were able to identify the main cause of most of my issues in a way that made sense to me for the first time in my life.

I don’t find it easy to open up to people but Yvonne put me at ease straight away and gave me the confidence to express myself without any pressure. We dealt with a couple of specific issues and to my amazement I got pretty much instant relief from the anxiety that had been plaguing me. I didn’t expect it to last but it has.

And what’s more, Yvonne taught me how to deal with some specific problems on a day to day basis. Since my session I’ve used these techniques a few times with amazing success. All I can say is that Yvonne has been able to help me more in one session than countless others who have tried.”

- Paramedic - West Midlands Ambulance Service

“We went on a trip to London. Normally this would revolve around taxis, as to even think about going on a train or tube would bring me to my knees like a gibbering wreck.

Well, the proof is in the pudding.

I had the best weekend ever. I was on and off tubes and trains all weekend. My family had never seen me so relaxed.”

- Jo Davies, Ambulance Technician

“I have had an irrational fear of dogs ever since a tragic incident when I was a small child.

See dogs or what they areA two hour session with Yvonne resolved the fear. She was able to take me back to the source of the fear, a major breakthrough in itself!

At the end of the session she was so sure of her success, she took me to a Dogs Home. With the fear gone, I was able to see Dogs for what they are.”

- Zaf

Irena - Testimonial for The Stress Medic“Suffering as I do from work induced stress and high blood pressure, I was persuaded to attend Yvonne’s ‘Pathways to inner calm’ seminar. The day long course was very interesting, informative and useful.

It included an overview of simple stress relieving techniques, which I found instantly calming and could practice easily either at home or at work.

Yvonne’s caring knowledge was shared with professionalism and I wholeheartedly recommend her courses to any and eveyone.”

- Irena

“NLP & EFT enabled me to understand why my past experiences could hi-jack me in the challenging situations that I have to face as an adult. It allowed me to let go of the fears that I had brought with me from the past so that I can now deal with challenges in a calmer manner.”

- School Teacher

“At the Pool Session I was struggling, just could not nail the Kayak Roll. I know the Technique… but out of the 10+ attempts, the majority ended with a tee rescue, including two bail outs.

Finally towards the end, everyone had joined in at playing games. I moved into a quiet part of the pool, I used tapping to focus… YES – 13 straight rolls… but no one was there to see it… 🙂

As everyone was waiting to get out of the pool… I could not help it – 3 straight rolls…!!!”

- Zaf

“An emotional ghost that I’d held onto for 20 years has been alleviated by just 5 minutes of tapping (EFT). Now I can talk about it comfortably.”

- Jill, Trainer & Assessor

“Working with Yvonne has been massively beneficial. I’ve learned techniques that help me to control how I feel in difficult situations so that I now cope much better with stress at work, I’m able to put things in perspective and influence situations more positively.

- Megan

“Dear Yvonne

It was so kind of you to give up your time to be our Guest Speaker at our ‘Fit Friends’ meetings last month, and to relax us all with your helpful talks and techniques on coping with stress and phobias, and for answering all our questions.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your talk and we are very grateful to you. These meetings are so informative and always appreciated. I would like to also pass on thanks from all those who attended as they all gave me such positive feedback.

We would welcome the opportunity to have you speak again for us and many of our members have requested this, so once again many thanks.

Kindest regards,


- Gail Stokes, Membership Advisor - David Lloyd Fitness

“Dear Yvonne,

I’m writing to you to express my thanks for what I can only say is a life changing experience!

My fear of water, and being unable to face any chances of getting in water and to swim, was not going to change very easily, I was very nervous even when talking about going in water to swim.

Well I needed to conquer my fears!!

My recent visit to meet you was extremely rewarding, I didn’t even know the powers of your treatment and had no idea what to expect. Without going into too much detail I was amazed at the results and I was able to relax with the thought of, and physically indulging in the sport of swimming which I always feared. So yes a happy customer!!

I must also thank you for something that was quite remarkable! During my treatment you asked how I was feeling! I explained to you I was strangely feeling very angry about a long term situation that had caused me to have depression and I was having psychotherapy treatment for! Well amazingly you cured this in about ten minutes! I didn’t realise this until the next day when my whole life’s outlook changed for the better. This is something I will never forget and I hope you continue your work in helping people to achieve their goals in life as you have done for me.

Ps I’m just at the airport off on my hols and cannot wait to dive into a nice warm exotic pool and swim!!

Best regards,


- Mark, local retail business owner