Keeping balance in your life

Balance in your life

Life is busy isn’t it? It’s not always easy to keep a good balance in your life.

My summer ihas been full of wonderful opportunities, as well as everyday life, increasing family needs and an unexpected difficult issue that needed my time and focus for a while.

Does any of that resonate with you?!

So it’s been a while since I’ve put pen to paper.

I’ve now completed 9 of 11 planned trips away. A mixture of holidays, developmental courses (with Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Steve Wells), visiting friends, voluntary work and long dance weekends. I feel blessed.

But I’ve noticed feeling a little underlying tiredness lately.

Good things can be stressful

If you’ve heard my talk ‘Recognising Stress Early’, you will know that even good things can be stressful. In it I advise taking the time to notice how you feel physically and emotionally, and then do something about how you feel if needed.

Seems like it’s time to follow my own advice.

But I’ve noticed when we decide we know the reason for something it can close our minds to other possibilities.

Take time out

And the busier we are, the more likely this to happen. So I didn’t want to just blame it on my busy life, or the heatwave we were experiencing (remember that?), without checking in with myself properly.
So I decided to focus on this tiredness during swap sessions. This is when I get together with a fellow practitioner and we work on our own stuff. I also had a chat with a dietitian

These sessions brought a number of things to the forefront of my attentionMy life has changed a bit in the last 2 years. I’m dancing more – great, I love it!

But, I have hardly any time in the evenings for cooking foods that I would keep in the fridge to snack on. So my diet has suffered a little. And I learned that it is now thought important to eat protein at every meal – at my age!

The summer evenings were also a time when I would garden and do all sorts of jobs. Now these things were getting pushed into the day.

The knock on
effect is that the bigger jobs that need doing, de-cluttering and decorating, have been getting left.

During a swap session, I identified that clutter was impacting me much more than I’d realised. It wasn’t so much being busy that was leaving me feeling tired, as my overwhelm at what I hadn’t been getting done.

Overwhelm can be exhausting

Overwhelm saps your energy and is demotivating. No wonder I was feeling tired.<What can I do about all of this?
Well I love my paper diary, so I plan to use it even more:

1/ To block out time in my diary to make healthy snacks. I also intend to eat before I get ravenous, as feeling extremely hungry often results in poor food choices leading to tiredness. If you like the look of my Raw Brownies why not try them yourself?

2/ To block out 2 days at a time in my diary for those bigger jobs. Even if I can’t get to de-clutter until the Autumn and Winter when we’re not so busy with outside jobs.

I know I can’t do it all overnight.

But if it’s planned, I can relax at the times when I can’t get to it instead of being overwhelmed.

Baring in mind, of course, that life is what happens when we’re making plans! I might need to be flexibly inflexible with my plans.

Life’s all about balance.

But we have to notice when we’re out of balance and take action to move back into balance.

We can’t do everything

We can only make the best choices for us that we can. When something good comes into life that requires time and attention, it can be useful to also focus on what needs to change to accommodate it.