But they’re only 2 and 4…

A while back I did a session with a busy working mum. She runs her own business and is also responsible for most of the school runs and caring for her two under 5’s during the week.

It’s no surprise that she ends up getting a little frazzled. She told me that negotiating rationally with two small girls was harder than going to work. Well, more tiring at least”.

Stressed and out of control

She was totally fed up with feeling like she was constantly shouty mum”. She felt she resorted to this when she was feeling stressed or overwhelmed. But it just left her feeling even more stressed.

She was desperate to move away from this and be more of the fun mum” her children would enjoy being with. We worked with EFT to help her identify, and release, what it was that made her feel so stressed and out of control.

When I work with clients I often repeat things they say.

It helps them to identify phrases to say when tapping, as well as keeping them focused. But, they’re only 2 and 4” was a standout phrase.  It came about when we were talking about why they were so difficult sometimes. It was a serious comment but, upon hearing me repeating it, she dissolved into fits of hysterics!

She was in fact laughing at herself. And her expectations of her children sometimes. Repeating this phrase in an un-stressful, relaxed environment helped her to focus on reality. In her words small children aren’t always rational, or logical”.

Now, when she feels dreaded shouty mum” will re-emerge, she escapes somewhere quiet for a few minutes and does some tapping. After all they’re only 2 and 4….”

What Emma says:
“I went to see Yvonne as I was tired of being shouty mum”. I had started to find that the daily routine of the school and pre-school runs, running my own business, reception homework (they seem to get a lot even at 4!) etc. was getting on top of me. My girls were 2 and 4 at the time and it seemed like I was always grumpy. They never seemed to do what they were asked and situations escalated into the emergence of the dreaded shouty mum”. I know this is standard with small children but it’s still difficult to deal with effectively.

 After some EFT sessions with Yvonne, where she helped me work through this, I’ve now become more of the fun mum” that I really want to be. I can’t say that shouty doesn’t make an appearance sometimes, but it’s nowhere near as often!”