Luck, the Universe and small miracles

Many people talk about asking the Universe for what you want. And how to ask in the right way; believing it is already there for you.

I’m no expert, but this is my true story, I shared it at the time but think it’s worth sharing here too.

Arriving at the gym one Wednesday evening in May, 2014, I realised I wasn’t wearing my ring. The diamond ring my husband had made especially for me for our 10th Wedding Anniversary.

I wasn’t too concerned as I must have left it on the windowsill after putting my hand cream on. It would be there when I got home.

Going straight to Ceroc dancing after the gym, I didn’t arrive home until late and went straight to the bathroom for my ring.  It wasn’t there!  Nor anywhere else I looked. My husband was already asleep so I thought I would find it in the morning, it couldn’t have gone far.

I didn’t sleep too well, my mind kept going over all of my daytime activities and questioning my absentmindedness.

In the morning I still didn’t find my ring.

But I remembered being distracted just after putting my hand cream on, and wondered if I’d dropped it on the stairs. They are open plan and we have some storage boxes underneath.

Serious hunting commenced. Still no ring.

Could I have dropped it into the bag I was carrying?  No, it wasn’t there. By now, fearing I might not find it at all, I had become quite upset. I did some EFT, reassured myself that life would go on and being upset and down wouldn’t help me find it. But, I remained upset and decided that was understandable and ok for a little while.

Another bad night’s sleep followed.

Next morning we took our dog Elton out for his walk. I remembered an episode of ‘Highway to Heaven’ (about an angel who performs small miracles on earth with ‘His’ help) and in this episode a burnt manuscript miraculously reappeared unharmed.

Could do with a small miracle myself, I thought!

But, remembering that it was just a story on TV, smiled at myself – silly!  I just couldn’t work out how I’d lost my ring or why we couldn’t find it, it had to be somewhere!  Maybe it was time to cheer up a bit, ring or no ring.

Arriving back home as we walked down the driveway, I was surprised by hearing my own voice in my head, suddenly and very loudly saying, “OH COME ON UNIVERSE, I’M LUCKY & MY RING HAS TO BE HERE, SHOW ME WHERE IT IS!”

I cast a glance at the gravel driveway – nothing – but worth another search later.

Then, putting my hand on the gate to the patio, THERE IT WAS!!! Shining very brightly right in front of the gate and where we had been constantly walking up and down. It was so obvious!  I couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen it before.

I’ve no idea hask the universeow it got there. Of course there’s a perfectly logical, reasonable explanation.

But, luck, the universe and my own small miracle is what’s making me smile. Oh and having my ring back of course!

I asked the Universe and the Universe delivered. Thank you Universe.

Energy Visualisations – lift your spirits on dark gloomy days

It might be natural to want to sleep more during dark winter months, but it often doesn’t fit our lifestyle, we still have just as much to do, and many of us are all too familiar with SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I don’t suffer badly but I wouldn’t be without my light that mimics the sun coming up in the morning, gradually growing lighter over about half an hour or so. There are also a couple of energy visualisations that I use and I thought I’d share them with you.

Eyes Closed – This first one comes from an experience I had many years ago.

It was a very dull winters’ day, the cloud layer was low and dense with no prospect of it lifting. I was at an aerodrome, and a bored young pilot asked if I’d like to go up for a brief flight. It was difficult to see the point really, but I was board and fed up and he was good company so I said yes.

We took off and within a minute we had gone through the cloud layer and burst into blue sunny skies. This was the first time I’d experienced this, it just hadn’t occurred to me that the cloud was just a layer and the sun was still shining above it as it always did!

So now, on dull days when I notice my energy is low and the lack of sunshine is dragging me down, I will often take a few moments to close my eyes and visualise myself in that small airplane, the noise, the vibration and the awe inspiring, energising moment when we burst through that cloud into the sun and how wonderful it is to realise that the sun is always there, I mentally soak up some of the suns energy and hold the picture of the bright blue skies.

When I open my eyes I can often smile as I say (in my head) to the clouds, you can’t fool me, I know the sun’s still up there. It doesn’t replace a sunny day but it really helps me to feel better.

Eyes Open

The second energy visualisation I do with my eyes open and I used this one recently while travelling on a very dull rainy day to visit a friend.

I was looking forward to the visit but noticed my energy was low – the grey day was really getting to me. This idea came from a Matrix Reimprinting session, but you may have noticed that some artists paint pictures in wildly bright colours as though they see things completely differently, and maybe they do, so why not use this idea.

When everything looks dull and grey just imagine the colours you want to see and with your mind, paint those colours everywhere. So I made the clouds bright and white, the raindrops into shining mini rainbows, the fields green and the cars any bright bold colour you could imagine.

Does this sound a little mad?!

It worked, I felt better in minutes!

Let’s be clear though, I was paying attention to driving and driving safely cannot be compromised, it’s not painting by laborious brush strokes, it’s an instant thought, ‘I notice the dull grey sky, I instantly picture it painted, the black car in front instantly becomes pink. I suppose it’s like playing a game.

So next time you notice your feeling the effects of a dark gloomy day, why not try these energy visualisations. I would love to hear if they lift your spirits.