Back to school

I was really thrilled towards the end of January to be given the opportunity to go and talk to a group of school children. All about age 13 and all with their own problems – I certainly remember having problems when I was 13!

It came about after I was enthusing about some of the work I do with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) I caught myself saying, and not for the first time, what a difference it would have made to me, had I known about EFT and how it helps to release negative emotions, a long time ago. “And, it works really well with children too, I’d love to get it into schools! But that’s just a pipe dream.”

So there I was, in front of a class or children. Part of me that thought I should be nervous, but I just felt really enthusiastic. I wanted them to have fun, and hoped they might learn something helpful.

I talked a bit about being a Paramedic, then we moved on to some breathing techniques to help when they were anxious or over excited and wanted to calm down. They did a great job, but I moved on quickly, thinking that ‘muscle testing’ would be much more fun, – letting them experience how what they think about, can affect how strong they are in a fraction of a second. In retrospect, I think they’d have had fun doing that for the whole hour!

Finally we got to EFT, which requires you to tap, just with your fingers on different parts of your face and body. They found this very funny, (just as I did the first time I experienced it). For EFT to be effective you do need to focus on something other than how daft if feels, and that wasn’t going to happen in the time we had left.

The hour whizzed by, I’m not sure about them but I learned a lot, especially about not trying to cram so much into one hour! With maybe one exception, they all had some fun their teacher was pleased and I certainly had fun.

So I can’t say I’ve got EFT into schools YET! But it was a brilliant experience.