Volunteering in Sarajevo









In May 2016 I travelled to Sarajevo. I was volunteering as a member of ‘Healing Hands Network’, working with those who continue to suffer as a result of the trauma they experienced during the war.

This is the story of my adventure. It starts with my eventful journey to Sarajevo! I then talk about some of my experiences working with these wonderful people. People who have endured (and continue to endure) so much, and how they have received so little help.

I explain how my contribution helped some of these people. And, how the work of Healing Hands Network has made a difference over the years.  I return to volunteer for a second time in April 2017.

To book
Duration: approx. one hour including question time at the end.
Cost for WI groups, friendships groups, U3A etc £40 plus mileage at 45p p/m.

If you would like to book contact me on 07504 491090 or via email at yvonne@thestressmedic.com.