£5, Parachuting and Me

£5, Parachuting and Me is the story of how I faced my fear of heights (with a little encouragement from my Dad). and experienced learning to parachute with the Red Devils Army Parachute Team, they were great fun but the training!  And it turned out that believing I would be terrified to do the jump had it’s positive side…

I’m glad I did it, I learned so much by facing my fear, and it was just one of the many challenges I would face over the coming years. You can read a bit more about this story in my blog post “£5, Parachuting & Me”.

To book
Duration: approx. one hour including question time at the end.
Cost for WI groups, friendships groups, U3A etc £40 plus mileage at 45p p/m.

If you would like to book contact me on 07504 491090 or via email at yvonne@thestressmedic.com.


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