Sessions & Talks

Do you suffer from anxiety, stress or trauma (physical or emotional)? Would you like to find out if my techniques could help you feel different and enjoy life more?

Free Consultation

It’s my policy, and very important to me, that we have a conversation before you book a session. To this end I offer all potential clients a FREE 20 minute telephone consultation. This gives you the opportunity to find out how comfortable you are with me, how I work and whether I’m the right person for you.

It’s a no obligation conversation. Why not contact me today to arrange?

One to one sessions

My sessions last between 1 and 2 hours (this will be agreed beforehand) and cost £60 per hour. These are payable on the day by cash or cheque. BACs transfer may be arranged if agreed in advance.

Packages are also available: 6 hours £300 or 10 hours £450

Packages are flexible in that you can choose how long your sessions last. This can be from one hour, up to two hours, whatever works best for you. It’s all down to the individual. Payment for a package is required before the first session. A payment plan may be agreed in advance.


I provide Reiki sessions at a cost of £45 for one hour, during which you can expect 40 to 45 minutes of Reiki. Typically the first session lasts up to 1 hour 15 minutes.

Talks & Workshops

In addition to one to one sessions in my log cabin in Wildmoor, I offer a selection of talks and workshops for groups covering a variety of topics. Contact me today if you are a groups organiser, or would like to arrange at talk at your business.


Hereford & Worcester’s 1st female paramedic – on the ground and in the air
Hear how I came to join the Ambulance Service, some of the experiences and insights gained from my work, and why I decided to move on to my work as The Stress Medic.

Recognising stress early – and some simple self help techniques
I share my insights on how we can recognise stress earlier and use simple techniques to reduce it.

Volunteering in Sarajevo
In May 2016 I travelled to Sarajevo, as a member of ‘Healing Hands Network’ charity, to do voluntary work with those who continue to suffer as a result of the trauma they experienced during the war.  This is the story of my adventure just getting to Sarajevo, some of my experiences working with these wonderful people who have endured, and continue to endure, so much, how they have received so little help, and how the work of Healing Hands Network has made a difference over the years.

An introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques
This is one of my favourite techniques to use with clients and myself. It enables the release of unhelpful negative emotions and much more. I will demonstrate how we use EFT and the audience are invited to try it too.

£5, Parachuting & Me
This is the story of how I found myself training with the Red Devils army parachuting team.


Pathways to inner calm
A daylong workshop, you will learn about stress, gain insights to break the pattern of stress, experience techniques to increase calm and wellbeing.

Bespoke workshops
I am also happy to organise bespoke workshops for small groups.

‘Square Breathing’ Technique

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